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World of Wonders

Desires, lust, beauty...

4/28/05 01:06 am - pink_teacups

man this place is dead...lets start posting!

2/27/05 02:22 am - fever_tea - Sexy Sexual

Hey, i'm writing my final exam paper in my human sexuality class,entitled

"Which holds more nutrional Value: Sex or Sexuailty.


Now hopefully you guys understand the differences between Sex and
Sexuality so i'm going to leave the cohmprehension to you. ~.^

This is how this is going work :

if you want to partcipate in my study:

copy and paste the survey thingy and erase my answers and put your own in red.

Some of them i will not answer so as not to hinder your own opinion


NOTE::: so as not to have any confusion or end up with a failed survey
(like my HS class) please don't try to answer this survey DENOTATIVELY.
I want you to be a raw and uninhibited as possible.

I'll post the results of both your own survey and the entire study when it's all said and "done" ^.^

Merci Beaucoup

Have fun and thank you!!!!!

Sexy SexualCollapse )

2/25/05 10:05 am - fever_tea - HELL O

My name is Tae/ or happi boi, 21, from the hell mouth of Austin TX. (la -de fucking da),I wanted to join this community because well " i don't fit in the normal/mundane one, but i do well in the sexual/ity community. Open minded? " i better be." ^.^Would you be ready to share any ideas about improving this community? if it's asked of me, yes. ^.^

2/20/05 10:54 am - pink_teacups - Morning

Just wanted to say good morning to everyone. I am bored waiting for my boyfriend to get here. Here is a pic for the hell of it! me and chrisCollapse )
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